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Put yourself in the shoes of a professional racing driver revving a 3000cc V6 engine. This race-worthy engine was developed specifically for the circuit by high performance Formula 1® engineer Cosworth.


Product Description

Put yourself in the shoes of a professional racing driver revving a 3000cc V6 engine. This race-worthy engine was developed specifically for the circuit by high performance Formula 1® engineer Cosworth.

Get a grasp of the inner workings of this racing car and experience truly sensational performance firsthand. You’ll be in charge of the paddle shifters which help shift the gear box up and down. Two on-board video cameras will capture your drive and allow you to re-live the action later on.

Don’t just take our word for it. Watch Formula Yas 3000 in action


Before getting into the driver’s seat of this vehicle, you’ll be suited up in full race gear and helmet, followed by a technical briefing from your racing coach. Next, you will take familiarization laps around the circuit in a Renault vehicle. During these slow laps, your coach will explain the racing line and how to approach each corner.

At this point you should be ready for the real action. You will be taken back to the pits, where you’ll be further briefed on your car before being tightly strapped in. Prepare to feel every bump, ripple and sensation of your drive – you've never been this connected to a driving machine! For this experience, five cars are scheduled per session. Your instructor will lead the way on pace laps along the circuit. With wings and slick tyres, this car gives razor-sharp responses. Remember to relax behind the wheel, as even the slightest driver input delivers a noticeable direction change.

Over the course of your driving session, the challenge is to improve your racing technique. At the end of your session your instructor will provide you with some detailed feedback and discuss how you might improve your technique.

Spectators and friends are welcome to relax and watch your experience.




  • Titanium reinforced aluminum honeycomb tub
  • Ohlins racing dampers
  • Alcon four-pot brake calipers
  • AP Racing fully floating discs


  • 3.0L V6 engine developed by F1 engine builder Cosworth Racing
  • Dry sump lubrication system
  • Fly-by-wire throttle control
  • Carbon fibre airbox
  • Stainless steel racing exhaust


  • Carbon fibre front wing & nose assembly
  • Carbon fibre rear wing elements
  • GRP sidepods & engine cover


  • FTRS 6 speed gearbox
  • TPT limited slip differential


  • 6 point safety harness approved by FIA
  • Cosworth Electronic Omega LCD dashboard with LED shift light array
  • MOMO steering wheel with quick-release coupling
  • Cockpit controlled traction & power maps
  • Formula1 -style paddle shift gear change mounted to steering wheel
  • Carbon fibre cockpit interior & dashboard


  • OZ racing magnesium wheels
  • Front: 10x13
  • Rear: 13x13

On-board video system

  • On-board video that records to USB
  • Front & rear facing cameras


  • Please arrive in good time for your experience. We recommend being here up to 30 minutes prior to the start time
  • The Driver Waiver forms provided on site must be completed
  • No cameras are allowed on board or inside the vehicles without permission obtained from Yas Marina Circuit
  • Please park your own vehicle at the Support Pit or Yas Central Car Park
  • To participate, you must hold a full driving license
  • Drivers must be at least 18 years of age
  • Driver must be aware of how to drive manual transmission
  • Wear clothes covering your arms and legs
  • Due to the restrictions of this race car, please note our minimum height restriction is 160, maximum height restriction is 188 cm and maximum weight restriction is 105 kg
  • Closed toe shoes only - Soft soled shoes are recommended, no sandals or high heels allowed
  • Spectators are welcome and permitted within Yas Central specified viewing areas free of charge
  • All Yas Marina Circuit rules and regulations are to be followed.
  • Bookings are non refundable.
  • If weather conditions are unsuitable due to dust storms, high winds or rain, your booking will be rescheduled to another date.
  • Safety precautions and medical assistance are provided at the venue.
  • Alcohol cannot be consumed in the period prior to your driver experience. Any accidents that occur due to the influence of alcohol will be reported to authorities and payment will be required for any damages incurred.
  • Additional terms and conditions apply. For more information, email us at


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